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In case you're wondering, my name is pronounced sa-N-N-a (almost like Anna but with an S). I grew up in the picturesque, rural Eastern Finland with four brothers, a painter mother and a bookseller father who filled our home with all kinds of print from encyclopedias to comics and volumes of fairytales. A small town girl, I spent most of my time in the nature, reading and transforming school notebooks into self-made novels.

I came to the United States in my early twenties, first as a volunteer missionary guide for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the Historic Temple Square in Salt Lake City, and later to study English at Brigham Young University. This was the beginning of an often frustrating process of learning to write prose in a second language--which process, despite being difficult, has been very rewarding.


I love stormy days, horses, herbs, getting cozy with my family or with a good book, and ice skating when my body permits it (my disability prevents me from walking and from sitting long). I have a black belt in taekwondo. I live in Springville, Utah, with my husband and our three children.


In addition to the social links in the footer, you can also find me occasionally on Tumblr and Twitter.

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