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In Oka, a country of warrior clans and mysterious spirits, Yukie, a daughter of a fisherman, desires that which is forbidden to her caste: to travel to the province's capital and study the art of combat. When a wounded warrior Aomori Akira arrives at her village, seeking help, Yukie ignores her family's disapproval and steals away with him to the capital, the center of all learning in the province. She quickly learns that her desires, as well as her budding love for the warrior, have little chance against status and tradition. But there is more to Yukie than even she herself could imagine. An infamous and a powerful spirit called Nukata the Rain Woman has caught scent of the girl's true nature, and as the shadow of an approaching war threatens the love between Yukie and her warrior, Nukata sets about altering their fates. And Yukie, driven to learn the reason for the spirit's interest in her, follows her lead--either for good or ill.


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